Photoshop tutorial: 2d Mirror effect

Posted by kang at 3:06 PM
mirror effect

hi guys...happy new yeaarrrr 2009!!!!!hope in this new year we will better than before...this time, ngeditfoto (photoshop tutorial) will share to you about " how to make 2d mirror effect" in photoshop...hhmm....this is very useful in photo editing activity..i'm sure that this tutorial very easy, although for the beginner....let's do it guys!!

1. open your image, i use Nokia 5800 (Express music) as my object, because i like its design...cool!!
2. then duplicate the image layer
3. flip the Nokia 5800 (Express Music) image vertically
4. put the copy image under the original image...(you have to put under the image exactly)
5. then delete half of your copy image with rectangle tool..don't forget to change the feather like this..and your image should be like this...

6. then change the blend layer mode to 40%, save your image
7. done!simple, isn't it???mirrof effect


Else said...

I wanna be ur model for tutorial about twin sister, sandra dewi and I (blushing)
would you???

keanureeves said...

hhmmm...sorry....this tutorial just for pretty woman, maybe for sandra dewi i can do it, but for ELSE,hmm....meneketehe...heheeheheh

Chopper Wallpaper said...

So cool!

Karthikeyan.K said...


internet marketing services said...

i really love that leaf photo of your blog. what a great shot. great stuff.

Photoshop Clipping Path said...

Excellent. Brilliant tutorial - thanks.

internet prezentacije said...

Excellent tutorial, I used it on my site. Thanks a lot

optimizacija sajta said...

Excellent tutorial. Nice explanation, easy to follow.

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