making street wall Graffiti effect

Posted by kang at 8:55 PM
This is one of cool effect in this photoshop tutorial....about making graffiti in street wall..this tutorial is very simple...and easy to do...although for beginner designer...let's try it...

1. you should have this street wall picture..or you can try to find it in google..

2. then add your image..i use my own picture like this..

3. make a skew position like this...

4. then got to blending mode layer..change to overlay..

5. duplicate the layer..and add gaussian blur filter...


6. finish...simple...isn't it??


Brochures said...

Simple, easy, effective. I'm sure this effect will be useful to a lot of people. Great tutorial, keep it up!

adi_waru said...

wwwaaawwwww bikin tutorial poster dragon ball evolution donk

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