Zoom Effect (GIMP Tutorial)

Posted by kang at 12:02 AM

aa-gimp presents new tutorial in photo editing, this tutorial called auto focus/zoom effect. this tutorial is for beginner, so, if you as a beginner in GIMP, try this tutorial dude....

1. open your picture (I use Zidane, the master of soccer...he.he.he.)

2. then cklick on right down corner, toogle mask, than cklick on the picture

3. make a selection using paint brush tool (P), and don't forget to change the foreground with white color

and your selection should like this

4. click again on toogle mask, then press Ctrl + I to make a inverse selection area

5. for better selection, use feather by right-click on the picture, it's make your selection so smoth, you can choose 10 px number

6. then add a zoom or blur effect by right-click>filter>blur>motion blur

7. change the value like this

8. you have done this tutorial...(^^,)


meriahnyasepi said...

makasih banget atas sharing ilmu nya..

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