beard effect (GIMP tutorial)

Posted by kang at 10:44 PM

Beard effect tutorial is a tutorial for you, how to make a beard on your face...it is very easy to do guys, although for a beginner, check this out dude....

1. open your photo
2. make a new layer (Ctrl + Shift + N) then make a beard on your face using pen tools (P), don't forget to change its color like thisso...your picture should be like this
3. right click on that layer, then choose filter>noise>HSV noise, for details like this
4. now make a blur motion, right click>filter>blur>motion blur, then choose the zoom blurthis is the result
5. change the opacity number to 50
6. for the levels, right click, and choose colors>levels, or follow this picture
7. make a selection arround outside beard, and don't forget to change the feather with 5 px, then delete that
8. you have done this tutorial dude...(^^,)


indungg said...

hihihihi/jadi sangar gitoh?cbikpr

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