Supernova Effect -abstract (GIMP Tutorial)

Posted by kang at 9:47 PM

aa-gimp presents new tutorial in special effect, this tutorial called Supernova Effect (abstract), this tutorial is very usefull to make a desktop background. the steps in this tutorial is very simple, although for beginner..lets do it guys...

1. make a new document 800x600 px, or up to your desire...with black as a background

2. make a new layer, by pressing Ctrl + Shift + N

3. then add a filter>light and shadow>supernova, choose the number and position like this

4. repeat step 3 and make it in other position

5. copy this layer, make a distort using filters>distorts>whirl and pinch

6. change the blending mode to lighnten only

7. for next step, you can make a other color effect by colorize

8. you have done this tutorial, easy..is'n it (^^,)


@Nn!3 said...

wee... bagus nih tutornya!!!

Richard said...

Awesome dude. Followed and created the same image. Cool. Thanks for sharing and more power.

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