beard effect (photo retouch)

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hello guys...meet me again on cool photoshop tutorial
this time, i will share to you one of amazing photo retouch tutorial, about how to add beard and mustache on your picture...hhmm...in previous tutorial (beard effect (GIMP tutorial)), you have learn about how to make beard effect in GIMP, now, i will show that tutorial in photoshop ... let's start!!
1.you must have 2 picture, the first photo as the retouching object, and the second for beard that you need later, i have pictures like this
2. open the beardy man, and make a selection for the mustache like this, don't forget to change the feather for the smooth selection
3. copy and paste on your retouching object, and skew the mustache image for the best positionand your photo should be like this

4. now make selection again for the beard, and repeat step 3...
5. for the best quality, you can modify the level or brightness
beard effect photoshop
6. finish...hhmm very cool!!!


Anonymous said...

wew...keknya gampang tuh.....pengen nyoba juga....lama gag belajar PS lg neh.....

SBL said...

Excellent retouching tutorial. Thanks.

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