Blue gradient abstract

Posted by kang at 11:36 PM
photoshop tutorial...this is nice tutorial effect about how to make abstract background on your desktop, or you can use this tutorial for your photo editing activities...then, let's do it guys....
1. make new document, with black color
2. then choose gradient tools, and change the gradient mode to difference
3. after that, make gradients on your image, like this
4. repeat no.3 with other positions....up to you, you can add 20 times or more...
5. after you have what you need from your picture, you change the Color using Ctr+ U

6. finish!


enhal said...

kereeeeen tutorilanya mas, emang mas jagonya sotoshop

else said...

nice post bro!, buatin dunkz yg warna ungu :D, ntar kupasang di luppyku.

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