Glassy 3d Button (Circle)

Posted by kang at 10:42 PM
3d glassy button
in the previous post (about The 3d mirror effect), we have learn about how to make a 3d mirror effect, now, this photoshop tutorial will share to you about how to make glassy 3d button (Circle) ...this cool tutorial is very important for you as web designer, because it will make your website more cool and fantastic looks...so, let's start guys...!

1. make new document with black color as the background
2. make new layer, then add the layer with new circle object (you can use elliptical marquee tool) then fill that selection with black too
3. then add layer effect with outer glow, choose white as the glow color
4. then make new circle selection, smaller than before, fill with gradient color (black-white)
5. delete half of that gradient image (feather 15px) to make glassy effect, if you want it bigger, you can skew that...
6. then make the new circle selection under the smaller glassy circle, fill with white brush...
7. you can make other color with colorize that button....and for the best result, you can add mirror effect too...(if you forget about mirror effect, you can go to :2d mirror effect)3d glassy button
8. finish...!!!


Indra Bekti said...

Thanks for the info!

Else said...

mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most beautiful girl in the world??

Aura Kasih said...

weleh....keren euy....

sandra dewi said...

na na na na na.. aura kasih can't write n speak english

Aura Kasih said...

*sambil buka kamus*

i can speak in english mbake......dodol.com

sandra dewi said...

i no yu ken rait engglis bikos u use gugel tul.
u rait indonesia ferst then gugel tul translet.
yo tho???
rannnnnnnnn, bifor admin hit mi

Anonymous said...

very cool thank you

sahil said...

ya this is too focus!

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